Every Direct Door Mailing (EDDM)


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Postage Rate: $0.235 each

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What is Every Direct Door Mailing (EDDM)?

EDDM is a U.S. Postal Service program developed to help businesses get their promotions and advertisements into the hands of a targeted audience, while reducing the cost of preparing and delivering mailing campaigns.

It’s the perfect solution for businesses large and small, allowing you to target homes in your area or across the country. No mailing list or postage permit is required, which saves you time and money. We have a Print Only option, where we print the pieces and you handle the rest of the process with USPS and a Full Service solution, where we take care of everything. With Full Service, postage is as low as 30.6¢ per piece, saving you a bundle over first class rates!

Please note: EDDM orders must meet “commercial flat” specifications and all other USPS requirements.

What is the difference between EDDM Print Only and EDDM Full Service??

EDDM Print Only includes sizes and options which are USPS approved for EDDM processing. We print and ship to you just like a normal postcard. Be aware that artwork must include an approved USPS EDDM indicia, return address and must be designed within USPS EDDM specifications. Please visit the USPS website at https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm for more information.

EDDM Full Service takes all the guess work out of the EDDM process. Choose your print product, then select your routes using our simple and easy online route selection map, then upload your artwork. We take care of the printing, bundling, EDDM processing, paperwork and delivery to USPS. The USPS postage fee is included in the final price at checkout.

How do I set up my artwork for EDDM?

For the Print Only option, make sure to download and use our EDDM Print Only templates and follow all standard USPS EDDM requirements. For more information, please visit: https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm

For the Full Service option, where we take care of the processing and delivery to USPS, make sure to download and use our EDDM Full Service templates. The templates include our indicia and guide for were to position the return address.

Indicia and Return Address Positioning:

  • our indicia and a return address must be on the artwork.
  • the indicia and return address must be on one side of the print piece.
  • the indicia and return address must be positioned in the top half of the artwork.
  • for 4/0 artwork, the indicia and address must be placed on the front.

Below is a sample of our full service template for the proper lay out of your artwork:

EDDM File Set-up

What file types do you accept?

PDF files are recommended. We accept the following file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, and png.

How do I use the EDDM Full Service Route Selection tool? How can I adjust the number of residences and/or businesses I’ve selected?

To select your Carrier Routes, go to https://eddm.usps.com/eddm/select-routes.htm

Enter a street address or zip code for the area you are interested in. The map will display all of the USPS carrier routes in a radius of 1 mile by default. You may expand the radius using the drop down menu on right above the map. Select different routes on the map by clicking on the route on the map; it will highlight to indicate it is selected. Deselect a route by clicking on it again. If you prefer, click List View on the bottom right, then use the check boxes to the left of each route to select or deselect the route. The list view panel shows the number of Residential and Business addresses on each route and income demographics. There is also a check box to choose Residential Only, if you prefer to exclude business addresses. This panel also shows the current total for your order, including postage based on the routes you selected.


You may reach us via e-mail at orders@gdppv.com and by phone 310.265.0128 and we will assist you with any of your mailing questions or concerns.

Mailing Terms & Conditions:

Graphics and Designs Plus, LLC is responsible for data processing and printing only, and does not archive, transfer, store, or distribute mailing addresses provided by our customers. Mailing service can only be provided to orders printed by Graphics and Designs Plus. Mailing pieces must not have UV coating on the postage side to allow for addressing. All mailing orders must be paid in full along with an approval before mailing.  *Quantities exceeding 25,000 may take longer than the typical 1-3 business days to turn around.